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Online marketplace for mass customized furniture





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Please fill out the form to get in touch. We are located in Toronto, ON, Canada.

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We are open to all opportunities


Manufacturers of panel goods:

Do you find your production line idling from time to time? Would you like to turn that into profit?

Are you loosing jobs because your production line cannot keep up with the demand?


Looking for a turnkey solution to outsource overflow or tedious work?


Contact us.


Furniture and Architectural Designers:

Want to start a Design & Build business with nearly zero upfront costs?

Having trouble scheduling jobs for manufacturing?

Looking to expand your offerings without expanding your stock?


Contact us.


PanelNest is a Just-in-Time Manufacturing-as-a-Service company specializing in mass customization of wood panel products. The wood panel manufacturing market is highly inefficient and ripe for disruption.


For investment opportunities, contact us.

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