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What We Do

Mass Customization, Just-in-Time Manufacturing Marketplace

“Whether one cabinet or one shelf, no order is too small.”

PanelNest is a digital platform where you can instantly get manufacturing quotes and delivery dates for your cabinetry and millwork. Submit designs from your favourite software, or use an online configurator with the option to import the design into your software.

PanelNest is focused on small batch sizes down to one piece. Whether one cabinet or one shelf, no order is too small for us.

PanelNest makes it easy to place an order for a custom design by automatically selecting manufacturers that have the right capabilities and availability.

Being an online marketplace, PanelNest simplifies the ordering process. With the option to order online, or integrate into the customer's computer systems, PanelNest offers many ways to streamline the ordering process.

Manufacturers looking to outsource overflow or tedious work can use PanelNest just as any other customer.

With optional drop shipping, PanelNest allows you to start a Design & Build business with nearly zero upfront costs and zero stock. Designers can offer a large variety of designs without predicting demand or investing in inventory, using the Just-in-Time manufacturing concept.


Coming to the web in 2024.

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